beautifully broken

sometimes things are just broken.

broken bones

broken picture frames

broken records

broken hearts

broken families

broken people.

there is beauty

in all of this brokenness

there is beauty

there is beauty in crying yourself to sleep in a shattered state of chaos

there is beauty in an aching chest and shortness of breath

there is beauty in letting go of something seemingly wonderful

where is this beauty?

how do we obtain it?

it comes as you wake up

you must choose to rise with the sun

you must choose to look your demons in the eye

and say no.

my destiny is mine only

you no longer have power over my being

today you will look for everything that brings peace

the flowers that rise from the ashes

they are strong and beautiful

they are admired

and so are you

your scars do not show defeat

they are reminders that you have overcome

you have won the battle

you are triumphant

because you are a broken masterpiece

we are all broken masterpieces


constantly striving to fill the world

with a peace that only comes

from the will to overcome

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Our world
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