Beautifully Broken

Her wings are covered in stars

That shimmer like the Moon

Shining brighter than a thousand suns

They radiate with elegance and grace


Her eyes kind and forgiving

Only knowing how to help

Not wanting anyone to suffer



Her words spoke volumes

Helping others achieve the impossible.

She knew how much 

They needed her... 

Yet they had no idea.


She didn’t mind any of this 

Only happy to help how she could.

If this was the only way 

That would be just fine with her.


However, if you look closely 

You can see the sorrow

Stitched in those wings

Their Aura couldn’t be compared

To anything else.

The sadness that they held

Was unlike anything you could imagine.


Those eyes had many locked doors

Nobody could breakthrough.

The colors changing with the 



The words she spoke

She was never able to listen to.

Just a hypocrite to her own advice.

Merely a bird singing of how to fly

Without being able to itself




That was the beauty of it all.

Even if her smile

Hid broken tears

She was beautiful in every way.

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Annette M Velasquez

Like your other poem, this shows an inner beauty, poignancy and good use of metaphor. Your descriptions shine.

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