Beautifull or bootyfull?


Beautifull has nothing to do with  bootyfull 
You may love my ass but think my personality is dull
Beauty ain’t in my dressize
Who knows if it hides a devil in disguise
You can put me in a 34 or a 46 
A black heart no surgery can fix
It’s not these thighs God has created to define my beauty
To be a candy to your eye is not my duty

You can see her as tall, blond and gorgeous
Or you can see her as a human being with a brain that might flourish
When you see her for who she really is
Not just as a girl that you may or may not want to kiss
You can laugh with her adult age still wearing braces
Or talking about ‘you will only date certain type of races’
Boy please, hasn’t your daddy ever taught you to man up?
Or do you really wanna create a society that is so corrupt that our children will grow up only caring about a physical checkup? Are we really that messed up?

We can all talk about the importance of that beauty within
But you really need to appreciate it if you wanna win
This world ain’t forever
So don’t love the temporary if you’re clever
We are all created of the same material
Do you still think ur clay will overshine my clay on your funeral?
So I tell you my beauty ain’t in the makeup that I wear
Nor can you find it in the skinny jeans that may give you the wrong impression to be fair

My beauty may not even show in the hijab might I decide to cover up
But when you look further maybe you’ll have the opportunity to see my character light up
Maybe you’ll forget about my pretty eyes and my model legs
You stop to fantasize and look at the facts
Maybe you’ll be blind to my crooked nose and the scarces on my skin
That’s day you’ll see the beauty within


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