Beautiful World

Ask and dance, each scared emotion between between life, hope. Takes your heart up on, sweet dew on angel wing blooming by love, sincerity, and hope as you go through life. Each challenge you face no matter the strife, these things can help you in life.


Kill with kindness not with knives, daggers and guns once you used those things and what you do with a gun may never be undone.


You look in your heart and find the answer. It maybe hard but you’ll find your way as you go on day after day. If you lose your way your friends can may guide and if you break or bend they can pick you up again.


Sometimes the world may bring you down but at the end of the day then things are grey take a look outside. Take in the good things not the bad all the friends that you have. Family that will always help you out make you laugh make you smile to dry your tears to make the world less grey and brighten the day


So don’t be down you're alone, you are a mighty king on your throne be who you are you are a star a great leader on your own path you are what you do, rocker, cheerleader,nerd or jock you are special thats how you are never give never give in and you'll find your beautiful world again


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