Beautiful Vulnerability


United States

Heart on my sleeve,

I am vulnerable as can be.

Take me as I am,

For this is me.

I won’t run,

I wont hide,

To myself I have never lied.

Use me,

Spend me,

I’m happy as can be.

For you are searching your life away,

To find something that should only take a day.

So you search high and low

To find your soul.

While I sit and give,

Every ounce of life that I have to live.

That’s the difference between us you see,

For I am simply me.

I am not your fictitious being,

From yourself you are fleeing.

So walk blindly in your own casted shadows,

For I have a life to live,

And so I will dance in the meadows.

You watch as I dance this dance,

With my sweet partner of happiness.

You sit and stare in a trance,

Yearning for a chance.

But you had your chance,

And you are failing.

Karma has rained down on you,

That is certainly true.

This time though, I have no sympathy,

For you tore me down for this very reason.

So while you fight the turmoil in your soul,

And come to find a darkness the color of coal,

My soul flutters and flies,

For content is where it lies.

Search your soul and you will find nothing,

And spend your life just looking for something.


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