1. For years you got ensnared

In an illness unfathomed








2. It sucked your whole being,

And turned you into a vegetable,

You became fragile

No longer agile,

You were taken to almost all Nigerian hospitals

Prayers were offered

Yet the illness lingered.

For like 12 years,

It were all tears.


3. Hmmmm! what a life of shadows!

Today we are here, tomorrow no more,

What a short life!

Full of troubles and restlessness!

What a life!

Life of miseries

A life where the good ones don't last

While bad ones hold on fast.


4. Mother!

You fought hard

It was so sad

Seeing you struggling

And couldn't do nothing

But ask God to take away your pain

A life of struggles without gain

At just sixty -three

You were uprooted like a tree.


5. Mother!

Where do the dead go?

Why are there foes?

You couldn't eat what you labour for

So many questions but let me pause

'Cos it's of no use

It's is no longer news

That good ones hardly stay

That's really a price to pay!








This poem is about: 
My family
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