Beautiful Sunset:

Sat, 09/26/2015 - 23:55 -- Zmthall

Playing out in the distance, is a beauty many see, but forget to marvel at,
Large puffy blackish grey clouds wash in over the mountains dancing with the dark pink sky.
Under this marvel a simple man sat,
Just fixated on a beauty that most men will come by.
But with a different eye, and a different mind,
This sight to him was like no other.
This wasn't another simple beautiful sunset to him, because of the meaning it enshrined.
Because for him as the clouds danced through the sky,
memories danced through his mind,
And each and every second that passed brought out one memory after another.
And underneath this marvel above, sat a different kind of wonder.
There sat a man lost in his past,
Playing out his favorite bits.
And all these memories were amassed,
From on simple beautiful sunset..
Ones memories of past occurrences.
Bring out the marvels on this earth.
And to some people the memories that occur are disturbances,
And because of this most people don't see the worth..
So the next time you see a beautiful sunset...
Do as the man did who was happy with what he saw..
Because to be happy with what you are looking at ahead of you, you must not forget:
To look at the times that gave you the best memories, instead of looking at each and every flaw.

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