A Beautiful Place

A Beautiful Place 

We walk these halls and only see the surface

But little do we know how much is buried inside

We look at these faces without seeing the wounds

These wounds in which we are so desperate to hide

It was hard to grasp the thought, but I was lost

At this point I’d try anything, no matter the cost

I was desperately searching for something to make me smile

However no matter what I did, the happiness only lasted a short while 

My head was filled with so much doubt 

I was insecure and sad, but I wasn’t sure what about 

It’s something I feel is rarely talked over

But as a teenager it can be hard to keep your composure 

You are told that there is so much to be grateful for 

And yes this is true, but our feelings aren’t something to underscore

I struggled with this for quite some time

But before I could give up, I was shown a sign 

A little white paper, reading “Synergy” in bold 

God's way of telling me it was time for my story to be told

I walked in so anxious and shy

But by the end I was filled with so much joy I could cry 

Within hours, the one thing I had been searching for 

Was gifted to me so immensely, yet I still wanted more

This beautiful place where everyone was so kind 

Aplace that felt so safe and allowed me to ease my mind 

A place of utter inspiration and empathy 

A place I learned of others who were feeling the same as me,

A place filled with so much love and care,

The hurting girl felt she belonged, despite searching elsewhere 

This one day would leave an eternal mark

For It allowed my hurting soul to emerge out of the dark 

It is in fact synergy that is my biggest point of inspiration 

Because it saved me by dissolving my thoughts of limitation

This little event, held in a little gym, in this little town in the west

Has had a large impact, for large reasons, to those who are distressed

Regardless of where I go in life, I will always look back and remember this time

In which I watched the utmost hurting souls step into the light 

I will forever be extremely thankful for this simple act, 

Where these beautiful angels left such a large impact 

Allowing myself and tens of thousands of others to feel wanted

Despite the negative feelings of ourselves in which we are haunted


It’s a place where regardless of your gender, sexuality, or the color of your skin

You will always feel wanted and be happy deep within,

Through telling this fraction of my story I’m sure you see

Exactly why, Synergy has immensely inspired me



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