A Beautiful Mind (Daniel and I)

Siblings have always butted heads.
They fight, cuss, and cry.
They bring out the worst in one another,
but not Daniel and I.

I've never seen him as different.
He has always been my little bro.
He does not speak much and,
cannot hold a conversation.
But we don't mind,
Daniel and I.

They say he's autistic,
different, and strange.
They say he's not normal,
That he shouldn't be this way.
They say he is a problem,
that should be fixed.
But we don't agree,
Daniel and I.

We see the beauty in his "disability."
We see the fun in all of his noises.
We see the happiness in his smile.
But most of all we see the love in his heart.
The love of any siblings cannot match our love.

The love between,
Daniel and I.




This is absolutely beautiful.

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