A beautiful flaw

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
Beauty however sees only its flaws
Beauty doesn't know they're beautiful flaws
Beauty is a rose

The rose has been beaten down by the wind
Beauty is the rose
The rose sees its petals falling apart
A beautiful flaw

The rose has been stepped on
Beautiful is this rose
The rose sees a broken stem
A beautiful flaw

The rose has pricked many before
Beautiful rose
The rose sees wild unkept hurtful thorns
A beautiful flaw

The rose only sees flaws
He who has sown the seed of the rose takes great care of her
When she blossomed He saw it was good

When the time comes He will pick her up and take her
He will put her in a glass vase to show the rest
To show her beautiful fanned petals, her beautiful twisted stem, her beautiful trimmed thorns
All of them beautiful flaws of the rose

And a rose
Or daffodil, or dandelion, or daisy
By any other name
Is just

This poem is about: 
Our world


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