A Beautiful Evil

A Beautiful Evil.
It's an unspoken phrase;
It can never be explained,
but it needs no explanation.
It's like the light at the end of the tunnel,
You can physically see it,
But you don't know what waits outside.
A Beautiful Evil.
The phrase is polysemantic;
It changes depending on the person and their mood or desires.
It can be the addiction that brings you so much joy...
So much happiness,
But you know it's slowly killing you,
You just don't want it to end.
A Beautiful Evil.
To me it's love;
A love that can never be.
One that when I picture it,
It brings me so much joy,
And I can't stop picturing it
And craving it, but
One that also kills me,
Knowing that you could never feel the way I do;
Knowing that you see me as nothing more and nothing less.
A Beautiful Evil.
It doesn't mean love;
It has no meaning,
at the same time it means everything
to anyone willing to accept it as what it is.
A Beautiful Evil.


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