Beautiful Escape

Tue, 09/17/2013 - 20:14 -- randibk


When I put my headphones in my ears,

It helps me try to hide my tears.

As a song begins to play,

I start to feel like I’m not astray.

The music takes me to a new high,

I get lost in its beats and start to sigh.

When I hear the chorus I sing along with relief,

Like this music is my only belief.

Music is my true friend,

These songs don’t try to make me bend.

When you are bullied and have to hide,

It makes you quake inside.

Some say my music is screaming,

But these words keep me beaming.

Music is a place to turn to when needed,

When you start to feel defeated.

Music is one of the few things that are always around,

Whenever you start to feel like your ‘homeward bound’.

Just keep your head up and smile,

And while your headphones are in enjoy for awhile.

Guide that inspired this poem: 


That was really true and beautful, i love the rhyme scheme.

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