Beautiful branches


Beautiful family tree

With love and support

Roots really deep in earth

With beautiful branches

Juvenile ages

In time of life stages


Bad family tree

Addicted to fleece and other disease

With love short and no support

Roots dying slow

With unwanted beautiful branches

Juvenile ages

In time of life stages


Surrounded with love and support

Rejected like they don’t belong to

Exist on this earth and so forth

Being used like a tool

While calling them full

Oh beautiful branches


Went with wind

Society illusion

Where snow is warm

Rain is sweet

Storm is fun

Calm is inspirations


Society illusion

Sunshine, spotlight

Moon is disco ball

Staying up, all-night

With stars

Drinking dew…


Society illusion

Untouchable illusion

Became horrible reality

Destroying personality

Littering, trafficking and scratching passerby

Self-distracting to survive


Got picked up by clean-up truck

And put in the back

Away from every eye

Beauty became beast

Green leaves became brown

Even them falling down


Adjudicated expectation

Banishing creation

Community impatient

Debating education

Money wasting

Time a-waiting


With all this time

On their stubs

Having thoughts

Looking in them self

Examining the past

With microscopic glass


Decision, decision

With all this boredom

College is freedom

Every credit

Every class

Roots growing past grass


Education made them strong

Reaching down firm

Digging deep in to the ground

Obstacles bound

Can’t stop or prevent

What education meant


Maturity erection

Brain station


Thoughts renovation

Whole resurrection

Power of education


Growth representation

Self-vision creation

Reaching to the sky

Shelter to provide

Giving to community

Fruit, oxygen and beauty



With family

Beautiful branches

Into a tree

Growing fast

Spring time at last


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