Beautiful Boy (For Will)


Green shirt, greener eyes

He walks in the room and it's no surprise 

The life of the party

That smile?

It could save me


A voice that could drown out all the rest

A heart too big for his very chest

The light in the darkness

Come back and make it right


Lately I've been thinking back

On all the bittersweet memories we had


Beautiful boy 

With the fear in his eyes

Eighteen's too young to die

I never got the chance to say goodbye 

I'll try to understand the best way I can

But I still hate this world for making him cry

Beautiful boy 


All the days seem slower now

The earth forgets how to spin when you're not around

But I know that you're watching

I know you're looking down


I know you're watching over me

And I hope you're proud of what you see 


You're not gone

Tell me I'm dreaming 

Give me a sign

For the sake of believing 


Beautiful boy

With the fear in your eyes

Eighteen's too young to die

I never got the chance to say goodbye

I don't understand

There's no way  I can

I really hate this world for making you cry


See you again someday when we meet in the sky

Beautiful boy 


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