The beautiful boy in English

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 18:11 -- Alharge
I'm a writer.
 I'm a speaker too. 
But there's a difference between the two. 
I write what I am afraid to say out loud. I speak but what I want to say doesn't always come out of my mouth. 
The paper is where I write what matters down. 
It's time I let my writing speak aloud. 
This is a list of the things I couldn't say to your face because I never knew what you would say. You'll always be a mystery to me. A book I can't understand but will always read till the end. 
1) you are very handsome. The only 10 in my book. But there's more to you than just the way you look. 
2) you love a lot I could tell. But all your love went to hell when all those girls did you wrong. So now you want to walk alone which is fine by me don't get me wrong. 
3) your smile doesn't always reach your eyes. I know how it feels. Neither does mine sometimes. But you can't help what you feel inside wether your happy or feel as though your soul has died. 
4) let's rewind. I've liked you since October. it took so long for me to tell because I didn't know what you would do. Would you laugh in my face or just walk away. I didn't want my heart to break. 
5) I think your smile is extraordinary. It brightened my day up every time I got to see you actually happy. 
6) I think you think with your heart, as do I. It's different when people think with there mind. At first I thought you were just another football player but your funny and kind all that I thought you could never were. 
8) there's passion in your eyes and even in your voice when you talk about something you really enjoy. Like running track. They say if you love life it will love you right back. 
9) for some reason I trust you. Don't ask me why. But I think your a really good guy. Though I don't know you personally. The eyes can't look at what the soul can't see. 
10) last one. When you wear a sleeveless shirt I know that the day will be great. What can I say? You look good in everything. Never though sweats could look so heavenly. 
The purpose of this letter wasn't to make you like me. I wrote this in hopes that you will see what I see in you. I trust that you will not show anybody this.  (your now sworn to secrecy) And I hope this made you smile and made your day better. From the moment you walked into English 3 you set my world on fire. I just wrote to you Though I don't really know you..... I guess I'm just another crazy writer. 
I'm sure you'll do the world wonders. It's been a long winter, I hope you have a great summer.
With love,


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