is that what everyone yearns for?

to be pretty enough to be accepted

into such a looks-based society?

we display ourselves to the world of

social media with self portraits

more universally known as


pictures of a whole new person

layered with filter after filter in an

attempt to cover up any hint of blemish or

imperfection that the camera might have picked up

so what would happen if we were to use

No Filter?

old identities renewed

no reason to conceal the paleness of your skin

the acne scars from freshman year

the lack of color in the picture because

Without the filters

you can see how the light reflects off of your dimple

cascading a shadow only enhancing it

or how your eyes sparkle in the two seconds 

of taking the selfie and even though 

you may feel hesitant without it

the filter is only doing as it's named

It is filtering the real you 

you may not believe it

but eveyone will judge you not

by your selfies but by your character

because being more confident with the real

you is even better than judging yourself by a picture

and that my friend is what makes you



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