The true definition of beauty is a definition that can’t be defined.

To describe the beauty of one is rather difficult because everything that holds a purpose, holds a meaning which holds beauty.

See beauty is something different. While those may judge based upon it never realizing that something as simple as life could be hideous yet beautiful.

You may look at one to say that they are beautiful and may look inside of one’s soul and say that it is beautiful.

Beauty lies way more than skin deep, withholding itself way down into someone’s heart where you may look past it and overlook their true meaning of being “beautiful”.

Beauty is not defined by the make-up that she may wear or by the outfit that falls so flawlessly over her beautiful skin.

Her insides could be so tainted to where you cannot even feel the beauty that would lie deeper than the ice cold sea of Paradise, far beyond the human eye can see.

Not mattering what he, she, they or it may physically look like.  Not looking at what is appealing to the eye but taking a deeper look into something more appealing to your mind.

Something more appealing to your soul, something more appealing to your heart, something more beautiful than anything you would ever know.

A definition which cannot be defined, everything holds beauty, & every beautiful has a purpose that’s lies deeper than our eyes.


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