Em tells me, "don't let them say you ain't beautiful/ They can all get fucked/ Just stay true to you;"

A role model; 

An inspiration;

Your words are my model

belief in your own self beauty is what the brain struggles for filtration 

I've made plenty of mistakes within this life

Repentance and a chance to earn forgiveness is my strife

I know that my inner self beauty will shine

Because I refuse to accept complacency 

Yet, forgiving myself and recognizing nobody is perfect 

is an inner decision I need to accept; 

I was on her lilly pad, and I lept

And the pain is the only thing I kept.

I should remember the happiness we shared

And you say you lost interest, but I know ya care

I'm not a monster for making a mistake,

Even if its me you don't wanna retake.

"Don't let them say you ain't beautiful,"

Damn right, Em

I know inside I am beautiful

I will forgive myself,

I will see you again

But right now I'm on the shelf.


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