The Beast




It's been seven years

Seven years since this hard knotted feeling in my stomach started

Seven years since I was violated by someone I’d never seen in my life

I close my eyes and see the beast

Glaring at me, piercing my skin with those big beady dark eyes

It can't be human

Nobody should feel comfortable doing this

I refer to it as ‘the beast’

It does not deserve a name

It doesn't even deserve to be called anything less than scum

‘The beast’ is the monster

from every story that makes children scared to sleep at night

‘The beast’ is one of the less crude names I can think of

When I remember it

Lying over top of me


While I screamed “No!”

It must've thought I was joking

Or “No!” wasn't good enough

My heart was pounding through my chest

Trying to escape from what was about to happen

In this dark cold and musty smelling unfamiliar room

But I’ll spare you from all the gory gory details

Because after all I “wanted it” right?

Because I was “too drunk” right?

Because I “didn't cover up well enough” right?

It was my fault right?


I've always been told to fight back

But it's easier said than done

I thought things like this didn't really happen

Because “boys don't get raped.”

But I am a boy


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