the beacon in the night


 I go where it's dim, only somewhat light,

you can tell it's still me, just a tad bit more, "right".

i'll move my hair, to cover some more.

my makeup's okay, though it's blocking my core.

It matters not that I'm in black and white

that's all the world sees; lost all but it's sight.

I have things to do, I have things to say,

but they'll look at my pics and send me on my way.

Not to where i must be; for that would be wrong!

so I go back home and fix myself for so long.

Two likes are good, five would be great.

Too bad I can't stop and i can't help but hate

that image is everything and image is key,

and without it i'm nothing! They won't let me be!

I am who I am, and that's more than skin deep.

It goes further than that it's what happens when i sleep


and they're mine and they will become real!

'cause i'm not just a face, I cry and I feel

So I'll keep taking pictures so that they can happy

and they'll se just my face and not feel so crappy.

When did it become this? It's not what I was told!

"You can be anything! Just go out and be bold!"

Not once did they tell me it mattered what I wore,

or that my pictures determined whether I was a whore.

I thought that my brain was what made me, me.

And you know what, I'm right! I'm strong and I'm free!

And i'll show that my picture may be worth a thousand words,

But I can shout so many more, I can soar like the birds!

So i'll go where it's dim; where I look right

But they'll see the real me, I'm the beacon in the night.



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