The Beach Song

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The cool brisk air hitting my face, 


as I walk on the sand at a steady pace.


I hear the ocean crashing a tune,


as the firefly’s dance across the moon.


The palm trees sway to the song,


as the seagulls start to sing along.


I listen and hear the children laugh and play,


as they did in the sun all day.


As the crabs settle in the sand, 


the waves begin to smack the land.


As the ocean bubbled with foam,


I began to walk back home. 


As the moon light glistened on the ocean deep,


I lied down and fell asleep.



By: Veronica Becerra



Guide that inspired this poem: 



I love how it paints a picture in you mind. You can see your self on the beach and

feel everything that the person feels as they walk along the shore line.

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