Be yourself

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 16:51 -- laronlc

Be yourself...

We can't walk too tall without hitting a wall.

We can't be too respectful and stay restful.

We care too much about what people think, so we just sit back and let them think.

An action done without a thought is the number one cause of battles fought.

But they're caused by just a thought.

Be yourself...

When you are yourself, you'll see no imitations of someone else.

Most people go around oh so stressed, but being yourself causes less.

You're not brought into this world just to see, you're brought into this world just to be.... Yourself

Be yourself

What's to fear? The lost of another phony peer?? Hahaha right, because they're oh so dear.

Be yourself...

By: LaRon Curtis


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