Be you


When momma raised you she always knew what you can do

A star in her eyes, a perfect replica of her

You would grow up to be smart she never raised no fool

Your grace and strive for perfection was one thing superb


You were daddy’s little princess daddy’s little world

Ya beauty was breathtaking and everyone could see

Dress you up and take you out show you off as his lil girl

He would always teach you to be smart don’t take shit from nobody


But that wasn’t good enough


Then you got older and everything just change

Walking in the halls alone wondering what everyone was gunna think

And then you saw that boy , everyone knew him , so everything matter right

Ya clothes, ya hair, ya  body and the way that you do that little walk right

Showing that you the baddest and there is no one to compare


Now that he got you, baby girl they couldn’t touch you even if they dared

But he did right? He touched you physically but you took that shit emotionally

He told you that he loved you and he would never hurt you again you were everything you were all that he cared for

But its more than that you thought he was the only one you had but its more than that best believe


Dont let your heart get the best of you; all it left you was bruises and a couple medicals


Don’t ever think any boy is worth risking your life for, and don’t keep silent because you thought about being notice and thought of that love for him

Member daddy thought you not to take shit from nobody and momma thought you never to be a fool

So baby girl you got to stop and think, of course you beautiful but its other ways to fit in


Don’t take those beatings to be a cool you, everyone liked you because you was you, how mommy and daddy raised you


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