Be You

Its the first day, the most important day.

The first day of Highschool-where you'll make friends and memories. 

The greatest achivement is suriving. 

Surviving the darkness surrounding, englufing, encompassing your very soul. 


The darkest, coldest part of our basic instincts that tear you apart. 

Reaching, gasping for the light you know exist.

You fall. 

Anger, fear, depression grip your soul. 


You float in the darkness, never being seen, never you. 

After four years of misery and darkness you relize  that its time to get up. 

Grasping, reaching yourself out of the pit of judgement you've been locked into for four years.

A bright light shines, you've reach the top. 

Friends greet you, welcoming you into their arms.

The hug you, glad that you are finally yourself and not constantly worrying about the darkness.

Be You, Escape the Darknes


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