To Be Told

Life is truly a story to be told;

The mix of magical moments,

Combined with the dark and twisting turns


You never know which moment in that you could breathe your last breath,

Or wake to something beautiful

Life is our story;

But the genre is up to us


We write our own journies as we live to each day,

Making the footpath that sets us for our future

Be it difficult or be it simple

Maybe adventurous or dull;

We have the opportunities

But what we decide is our own


We are guided to be secure by the elders around us,

But as everyday wears on,

And as we grow into ourselves,

Those who once walked us through the steps of life will let go,

No longer holding our hands that now hold the world in front of us


We may be afraid,

Or very excited,

But we must know that we'll be ready

We have been walking across the grounds that held us up tall,

Where are elders led us,

And we are now nearing the cliff where we must begin to lead ourselves

Growing ever closer is the edge, 

Where we will take one last look at the past,

At those who helped us achieve our places,

And step into the future,

We will free fall for a moment,

But we shall catch our balance and stand strong,

As strong as we ever were


The time that we grew along the solid ground was only the beginning,

The introduction,

Of our ever-magnificent story,

And only now,

In this moment,

Is life truly starting 


From this moment, 

We plant the seeds of our own grounds,

Making them solid,

So that our own feet don't fall through


We will gain our grips and hold onto them strongly

Life is our own and our choices are forever present

No matter what we decide and what we choose,

We are constantly writing our story,

And with every choice we make,

We bring ourselves to another chapter,

And make our stories worth being told




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