Be These Things


United States
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We break everyday
Every day,we make mistakes
Ask for forgiveness
Or hide the mistakes away.
But hide them away,
And what do we gain?
You lose.
But be better,
We are not old dogs
No one logs the wrong we do
But continue and all the wrong
Will define you.
So in the midst of guilt and lies
Choose to quit.
Let respect and honesty thrive
Through your life.
Let stress and anger die.
For one cannot live
While the other survives.
Truth is so great.
Truth is trust and love
Lust is sick,
And lies are games of luck.
But be truthful and gain
A love you may never have known
Be humble and you will be seen.
You can be
Someone everyone wants to be
Understand the hurt of others
Or at least try,
For not all hurt is the same,
And to say you understand,
Would be lie.
And be patient with those
Whose words do not flow
As easily as others.
They cannot describe
The hurt that comes and goes.
But know the look
Of hurt and loss,
And know the face
Because the face tells all.
If you are a mother,
Be all these things,
Because I wish my mom
Could have known me.
And if you are a leader
Lead with these traits,
Lead by example
And lead a change in the human race.


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