Be Strong, Young Child



The love they speak of had no exceptions.

No repeats, no hesitations.

But I can't recall a single day of seeing my parents together. Where is this love they told me, why can't I see it in my parents? 

Is the love gone...?

Wait, didn't you say that love has no limits?

No end? 

Why is it that the students I see daily label me as a divorce case? The faculty shy away and whisper, "Someone help this poor child! Someone guide her in the name of God's love and swaddle her from the horrors of reality!" 

Stop. Enough. Leave me be!

Do not blind me or deafen me from what is behind Reality's cloak! Do not fill my head with soft-hearted comfort or give me reassuring pats on the back! I don't need it! Nor did I ask, or want, or beg for, or whisper sharp cries of pain... 

You told me, I was old enough to make my own decisions. This isn't a crutch, a shield, or a setback in my life. 

Thanks, Reality, for making me stronger. Thank you, for destroying any conformity I could have developed. Thank you, for letting me smile among the crowd of worried eyes. 

I am the victor of another's battle.


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