To Be A Rose

Thu, 12/05/2013 - 17:01 -- ncherry


It starts with a seed; manifested and festering in the dark cold arms

Knowing nothing else but the moisture that comes and goes; and the warmth that happens simultaneosly

Every once in a while something special would happen

Something will change to be greater, a little closer to that warm feeling

With every rainfall growth occurs underneath, just a sprout that breaks the seal and the journey has begun

Knowledge of others is infimite yet im surrounded by so many reflections

That bright beam makes me feel touched; moisture runs down below and the marvelous happens; pieces add on, the breeze cools me, others become more familiar

Are you still there? I want to feel you every morning, but everyday your visits are never long enough and another brushes me, not as gentle as you

Yet the days go and taller I become, farther away from what Ive only known but closer to you

Feeling free opening the colors that behold in me

Wont someone touch me, dont be afraid by what protects me, Ive gentle above

Nature takes its course and beauty is my infinte maginificence

Then comes a busy bee that takes from me but gives me so much more, blossoming

All beauty comes with a price, getting cut from my source

Now time will tell when my petals are no more



I actually like closer to end, best it gets very vivid with detail.

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