to be rewrote

Thats so ghetto

That's so retarded

That's so 


I have depression

I have anxiety

I have insanity


You terrorist

You jew

You nigger

you beaner

you faggot

you fascist 

you weird ass, disgusting, idiotic, nerdy, human garbage


Speak English foriegner

Pay for your own college you hobo

Get laid you lonely loser


Rape isn't bad if its not in public

Hooray for religious freedom, but none of that Hindu mess in my town

Gay rights for all, but no blacks, fems, or bottoms

Don't be a non-caucasian at night

Only white people can be racists. and I'm a person of color


If its rape, drugs, depression, disease, race, gender, death, religion, or anything immoral

then would be funny for 

twitter, instagram, Facebook, snapschat, tumblr, reddit


Why is this normal?


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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