To Be Proud

    Be happy for peoples reached goals and achievements. You don't know what they went through to reach them, you don't know the path they took that might have lead them into a dark forest; but they still kept looking for the light at the end of it all. Or maybe how even long it took to reach them.. as if they were walking in a dessert w a ball and chain tied to their ankle just staring at a glass of ice water inches away and could almost taste it but the sand kept holding them under. So be proud to the ones who have made it for they have been held back long enough, and just because you enjoy seeing others fail doesn't mean people want to be dragged down with you. Not every one is a snake waiting for their next meal of a double dipped slab of hope that can be to easily taken away. After all it is a lot funner to be the bird soaring against the wind in a land where life is scarce.


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