Be Okay

All the words i swallowed down

All the tears i fought back

The pain i forced deep inside of me

Its crawling back up my throat

Seeping into my bones

Carving a chasm in my chest

Leaving an empty space where my heart once was

Filling me with rage

Manipulating my thoughts

Till I lose sight of all the good in this world

Till i give up on life

Breaking me down little by little

Making it hard to breath

Making my head spin

Making me drown

Till it feels like i’ll never be happy again

Till it feels like this is the end

Everything starts fading to black

The stars that used to shine so bright

Barely visible through the thick of night

Shadows moving up my walls

Reaching for me

Pulling me into a ghostlike existence

Till i forget what joy feels like

Till i remember everything i tried to forget

Nothing matters anymore 

Me being here is pointless

Drained of energy

I can barely lift my head of my pillow

But somehow i know i’ll be okay

I have to believe i’ll be okay

I’ll run the words through my mind

Let them roll over my tongue till they sink in

I’ll be okay

I’ll be okay

I’ll be okay

And deep down i know that i will


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