To Be a Nurse

I want to be a nurse,

decided so in freshman year. 

Go to college,

and graduate school. 


Needed to be good

at chemistry, math,

and stress. 

To be a nurse anesthetist.


Mental health was

always important.

Anxiety, Depression,

been there done that. 


Suddenly, friends tell me

they feel blah, and worried

always, worthless and scared,

too tired to function. 


I know these feelings, I help.

We go on lunch dates,

I help them smile.

We bond, become stronger.


My friend (metaphorical family),

misses too much class.

I protect him, from

ignorant teachers. 


I share notes, 

I know so much,

our moms are close.

I worry daily. 


Three hours a day

in a single class.

Skills and training,

to be a nurse aide.


Three weeks in a row

training in a nursing home.

I grow attached, and

apply skills on caring.


I am dedicated. 

I will always care. 

I work for the future. 

I will be a nurse. 


I want to be a nurse

decided so years ago,

send good to the universe,

to be a psychiatric nurse.

This poem is about: 
My community


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