To Be A Nurse


Squeaky white tile floors 

White walls 

Lumpy beds

This is where I belong

Among the wounded, among the sick

Never turning an injury away

Whether it be plain to see or not

Taking care of another 

Will always be how I find solace

This is how I show love

This is how I show acceptance

This is how I confront my fear

Knowing that there is pain

And there is death

But I will always face these things

That before so frightened me

With a smile on my face, 

A kind heart in my chest

I will be brave

For the ones who are afraid

That each day may be there last

For the people who have no one 

To turn to at their bedside

I will offer my voice 

As well as a laugh

I will always be there

In sickness and in health

Wedded to a belief

That the right care can make all the difference.


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