To be Loved is to be Known


I'm trying to find my way/ through logic and reason/ but nothing seems to resonate/ they're not enough in this season/ I do what I can to help/ but my words are simply fleeting/ please tell me if this conversation/ is nothing more than two hearts beating/ because I'm looking at a face/ but can't yet see a person/ I know you must be there/ but don't know how far below the surface/ don't push me away when I start digging/ the disturbance is my endurance/ I love you too much / to see your body as a casket/ but burying yourself alive/ means no one was there to fasten it/ breathing fresh air might hurt for the moment/ there's a discomfort involved/ when all your thoughts are out in the open/but if what you call living is suffocating you in your box/ let your guard down enough to love/ you've misunderstood the cost/ see being hurt isn't so bad/ it's the anticipation that steals/ it's the truth that being alone/ brings about wounds that can't be healed/ if nothing else/ remember this/ nothing hurts more/ than knowing you won't be missed/ I'm standing here watching you/ arms open wide/ I'd love it if you were standing here/ right by my side/ I can't promise you won't be hurt/ but I'll give you a home/ all I ask is this question/ will you let yourself be known?


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