Sat, 10/13/2018 - 12:45 -- Rheos

I saw these as tales but then tails keeping us together..
The winds I see walking in the hands of echo,
I may call soothing...

Mother Nature,
I had a dream!!
In my dream, was Pan of the reeds ,
striking melodies I saw as a reflection of my own deeds..
Then I got carried away, it was my life to the world, called beauty.

It's so real,
I am timeless and ageless,
Mother Nature,
It is a feeling!
Wait then,
I thought I was living ,
For she took away my wrongs!
I was etched with the coldness of her touch.
Would I then be called imperfect,
I wonder!
No but then in the presence beauty ,
I am filled with beauty .
Beauty is her name mother!!
And I give her my love,
Making us lovely and beautiful..
And I call this oneness!!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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