To Be Honest Without The Honesty

To be honest without the honesty; I promise that I’ll keep it clean ,drop some knowledge on how I feel .To be mean or to be real The truth about the love I feel, It's like drowning , to be real it’s like a fetish, dying but I like it.Keep gasping for air.The reality I choose not to feelMy reflection in the mirror ,ten percent of an illusion ;my brain playing games ,It all just feels the same To be honest without the honesty; I promise that I’ll keep it clean, to be real and feel some loyalty; Just don’t snap me to reality I don’t wanna hurt your feelings.Just want to shine some light on a situation. A situation in the dark leaving us without a heart. I see it hurting you inside to see this side of me. You ask me what is wrong and i say nothing quietly. I got you feeling left out of my mind and at the same time I’m out of my mind. Can’t tell you how I feel in person, because it's a mix of it all. I will do my best to get the words out, but i know I’ll stumble and fall. When I fall , you won’t be ready to catch me , because what I'm dropping is too heavy.


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