to be her's

my mind draws nothing when i am not near her

though it fills of only her when i am close

if only my lips could touch hers 

O to be her's

father becomes displeased when her names leaves my lips

"she cares not for my teaching why would she care for you?"

father does not understand my love is not out lust 

or of teenage youth with thats heart has not broke 

O to be her's

my walet is only a penny compared to the cost of her smiles

every dollar is worth her dark black eyes like coal 

her hair black as night i would empty my every purse to feel it through my fingers

her pale snow skin that blushes at ever compilment given 

O to be her's

her hand ruff from work graze my soft unscarred one and i melt as though i have never been touched

her words drive my mind into a hase

her lips grase my skin and i can not help but giggle with joy

as i have never felt so safe in someone arms so much so that i can rest

O am i her's



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