To be Heard Slam

To be Heard
Sometimes we just want to be heard,
Weather we're right or we're wrong, we wanna hear the words to our song and live strong.
People want attention when a message is given, some want to be mentioned. As a schloar, a hero, or even someone getting commission.
How far will you go to be heard, does that mean writing poems at 4 in the morning to spread the word. I heard the early bird gets the worm, and I feel like I'm about to sworm, go pick up my bait, it's never to late.
Racing for the Win like first was the only place.
Ya see, my sights are set greater, I am no kind of hater but a lover and an appreciater. To be heard no or later I'm going to still get this paper because I'm determined to serve like waiters. My style is so free my words just come to me, I'm open just like the sea, and greatness is destined to be. I have to please my fam, I'm going to do it the best I can, work hard is all I can, and be there for my land.
K-dawg is who I am, I'm an under rated, self motivated, God praising being. & I won't stop till I'm heard my message is so seeking. I don't want the fame though, I just want to message to get to the right people though.
The sky is the limit your life is yours it's what you make it.

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