To be Heard, One Job May Change My Life


Alexandria Virginia
United States

They say Life is the Eternal Job

But what is Life’s main action but to Rob

Daily we see homeless people on the streets

struggling and searching for something to eat

How can you just bare to stand

With your take out in hand

While he sits there with his head in his palms

Wondering what he’s done wrong while trying to remain calm

Life is the Eternal Job

They’re times where all I can do is just sob

But there is always one person who I can call

Some say he is the creator of all

But I call him Father God

Perfect among men and never flawed

He is there in my times of need

Always there when I stumble and bleed

Through God I am strong

Leading me in the right direction when I have done wrong

My Father has “brushed” me off of the Hob

And is preparing me for Life, The Eternal Job



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