To Be Heard: My Voice


To Be Heard: My Voice

Silent, for so many years

Not knowing who I am 

Lurking within my own skin, not willing to allow anyone in 

Laying in a fetal position wishing I can go back to the beginning of time 

All of the hell I've encountered throughout my life. God? Why can't I turn back the hands of time? 

Mother, says I'm unworthy of being loved because of her own insecurities, her whispers of disappointment constantly in my ear, extremely emotionally draining throughout my teenage years

So that's how I view myself, worthless, unlovable, and that no one will be here

I didn't ask to be conceived  but I am here because of God's purpose

Now it's time for self discovery

They say actions speaks louder than words but actions I do not see from anyone whom I believe loves me

It's time for me TO BE HEARD and release my  inner fear

Share my voice and prove my purpose for being here

As I embark on this journey of self discovery, I've learned I'm better than that 

I will bury my insecurities and prove my worthiness to myself

I have learned that I am more than what I am told, I am intelligent and beautiful with a remarkable soul

I am an independent young woman that's going to prove everyone wrong

This is my voice, so come here and listen close

I will graduate high school and become the first to attend college

I will succeed, although, you had doubts

I will choose wise decisions, despite what you may think

I am worthy of the lifestyle and goals that I have set forth in front of me

Mother, I will not disappoint you, I will make you proud as can be

All I ask of you is to allow  me to be heard, this is my voice...coming from my soul





"They say actions speaks louder than words but actions I do not see from anyone whom I believe loves me"  this line is so deep I love it !


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my poem and comment. 

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