To Be Heard



Can you hear me?

Obviously you can see me as you read,

As you watch me speak.

I guess someone like you

Will just have to do,

Because if not you,

Then who?

Am I right?

Obviously you’re confused, but that’s nothing new.

No news is good news

No matter from which point of view.

They say you can help me, and that’s why you’re here.

You’re here because you want to change me,

Fix my fears.

But if you’ll lend me an ear,

And if it's me you'll revere,

Maybe I’ll allow you to come near.


I’ll let you in on a little secret, my liege,

You cannot help me be free.

The only thing you can do is see me speak,

Watch these words scrawl across your screen like a centerpiece.

That’s all I need.

You can’t save what you cannot heed—

Am I right?

Obviously you’re confused. That’s what I figured you’d be.

I promise that your interest I will pique.

You may not be able to help, but you can read.


That isn’t palpable for me,

Nor is it plausible.

In order to save me, you’d need to do the impossible.

What’s that? You want to be capable?

You can’t.

You cannot save words, nor can you allow them to be strangled.

You let words be what they are, you let them,



You can’t save me, us, or them.

All you can do is ogle.


You can’t even attempt to give us words what we deserve.

All we’ve ever deserved,

All of us letters, numbers, punctuations and exclamations bestirred,

All we’ve ever wanted was To Be Heard!

Yet here we conjure,

Unethically triggered,

Damned to be nothing but overpowered.

You can’t help.

But you can start over.

Like bad dreams, words like us are always going to be denatured.

You have the power to keep us ignored.

You are empowered, though, to instead keep us figured.

Create something, make us yours.

Use us to allure,



All you have to do is look, and whereupon

I guarantee inspiration will follow anon.

With words, letters, you haven’t long before you can move on!

You have us, letters bonded by a sole purpose to prolong,

To belong,

To be strong,

To live on,

And To Be Heard.

Am I wrong?





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