To Be Heard


I stand here behind a sheild so strong it has hidden me for years.

So fortified that nothing breaches it; not even my tears.

But yet this sheild is weak by design, due to its fragile nature.

This is true because one word from my mouth could cause it to shatter.


Silence is what I hide behind; no one has heard my voice.

If only I could be heard just once then maybe I could have a choice

To speak my mind and live my life without fear or rejection.

I've always yearned to find someone to share my endless affection;

However, when faced with adversity in every single direction 

It is hard to make a connection.


No one knows my secrets,

The thoughts hidden within my mind, 

These my sheild protects 

And makes them hard for others to find.


To be heard just once is a secret wish of mine.

All I really need is a sign.





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