To Be Heard


I can see the future at hand,

As time passes through grains of sand,

The generation is growing,

And food sources are flowing,

Technology is rising,

And the charts are sizing,

Smiles no longer seen,

And kids turn to be mean,

New ways of threats,

Now one of Americas regrets,

Freedom yes,

But becoming a lost game of chess,

Fast food is bad,

Makes depression even more sad,

Sorry but I can see,

Whatever that might might be,

That globally its hotter,

Even for the ice caps as melting water,

No longer wild,

No more curious child,

Thoughts answered by a click,

Making brains even more sick,

No more persistence,

Only resistence,

We talk the talk,

But never walk the walk,

Internet will satisfy,

But what does that ratify?,

Yes, mind becoming dumber,

Sure what a bummer

No more experiences with the eyes,

And seeing the good as it flys,

That moment, one of a kind,

Never gone from your mind,

Holding your young,

Or going to your phone that rung,

No more olds,

Now as zombies and robots as bolds,

We used to see the ones who ran the miles,

No longer not for whiles,

Dreams teach reality,

And that was a fatality,

That was long back,

When it is now what we lack,

Staying on the couch,

Just to improve your slouch,

I used to see playing,

Now I see games of slaying,

Down at your phone,

Yeah there's stuff to be shown,

But selfies,

It's more than unhealthies,

Just one glance,

Can give you a chance,

Above your phone away to see Earth,

Something greater to nothing as Worth,

Just remember a second of social,

Is a second gone as crucial,

We are loosing it,

No more fit,

Jobs are lost,

That was money tossed,

So I ask to be part of the world,

See the cycles as they curled,

Look pass the zombie make-up,

Don't let differences cause break-up,

Look to the lives around you,

You might learn something new.




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