Oh, to be heard when I speak these broken words

Please don't let them fall on deaf ears

Respect has been lost in this world we now live in

Babies being born to an oversexed nation

An education no longer recieved with pride

Daddy beating Mommy we can't take it no more

My brothers and sisters bully me

That neighbor keeps on raping me

The point is no one listens to me

I wrote words on paper and call it a poem

Crying in the closet while my blood starts dripping

I hear everything you say, but you never take the time out to do the same

Never in my life did I say it was you to blame

You look up to the Lord at all those gone so soon

I couldn't get you to hear me so I did what I had to do

I slit my wrist quick and now its over POOF

18 years was nowhere near a long time

But I just longed to be heard

What was I supposed to wait a life time?


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