To Be Happy

To be happy:


sip coffee in the crisp, early mornings before crawling out of bed.

skype until 3am just to see your person laugh a thousand miles away.

trade in the textbooks and essays for ice cream and chick-flicks.

drink plenty of water.

put the phone away and really be present.

blast Ron Pope radio whenever needed.

watch Greys Anatomy when your brain is swamped with too much everything.

eat the won't regret it later.

crochet a scarf to cure your idle hands.

buy the shoes...but only if you know you can't live without them.

read lots and lots and lots of books, especially the Word.

bathe in bubbles once a week.

travel without looking back.

dance even if you lack the necessary skills.


To be truly happy,

love passionately without shame.



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