To Be Happy

A slave to my memories

I used to be

Seeing the love in my life falter

It would still me

Drain me of hope

Plague me of peace

My mind would never rest

You are a lost cause

You were never meant to be complacent

You were never meant to be happy

What made you think you were worthy of happiness?

My mind would tell me

But my mind was wrong

I was worthy of happiness

I was no longer a child

Blinded by the lights

Instead the lights became fireflies

Became my friends

I was able to see myself in a new way

A way that is full of happy

A way that has people in her life

Who do care for her

Who do want her

Who actually can tolerate her despite her deepest fears

And for that I am grateful

That I can see

That I was born to experience happy

And that happy could be me



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