Be Grateful, Not Fearful

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 13:37 -- Dashaee


To a mother, the feeling of being stabbed in the back is a treasured ghost

One minute, it's here, apparent and known

The pain increases every second and you become paralyzed by the person committing the crime

Then it's gone. 

After some time, you dissociate yourself with everyone and everything related

you're relieved.

you're healing.

But then , after enough time has passed, you're being haunted by the events that occurred

You find yourself in the same situation

Meeting someone, then getting to know them

Then eventually trusting them.

It's a trap!

You're paranoid.



Waiting on these events to happen again.

Never able to live in peace

Only fear.Fear of loosing it again.

A fake smile clouds to minds of others

Fooling them to think you've moved on, you're fine

But on the inside you're inside a horror movie.

Ducking and dodging things just to stay alive

Fighting with your conscious because it's telling you to live and learn

to embrace the future and forget the past

Instead you rebel, disobey

and before you know it, 

the baby is born.

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