Be A Friend

Why do you have to hate me?
I didn't do anything to you
You love my pain
my sorrow
my sadness
You act as though I've hurt
you tormented
you abused you,
when I've never even spoken to you.
You like to hurt
to ridicule
To bleed others.
Is it just me?
Am I the only one?
There are others
who have hurt
Worse than I ever have
Who have brought pain to themselves
Not emotionally
but physically
The scars they bare
On both their hearts and skin
Are proof that life Is wrong
that living is wrong
That they must stop living so they aren't wrong anymore
but to stop living isn't right
it's worse than wrong.
Does it feel good
To bring death to people
To teenagers
To children
Does it feel good
To know
That because of your torment
because of your abuse
your classmate is no longer there
i bet it doesn't
I bet it hurts
To be a killer
even indirectly
even incidentally
To hurt the family
The friends
of the lost
You must be heartless.
But you can change this
you can stop the struggling
The pain
The sadness
You can love others
or just stop the harrassment
make them see you care enough
That you don't want them gone
Be loving
Be careful
Be a friend
Not a tormenter
Not an abuser
Not a bully
Stop the hate.


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