To be a Friend...

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To be a Friend means being there
Even if the person doesn't want you to
To stand there in the bushes
Or stay in the background
Just so they know
You're always there if they need you

Being a friend means you know when they need their space
But you also know when they need you
Truth is, they're always going to need you
Friend ships take off, with or without you
And you're lost at sea until the ship returns

Because you assume that person wants nothing to do with you
But you never know
That person could just be waiting for you
Because they think you want nothing to do with them

If you really want to be a friend
Make an effort
If you really want that person in your life
Tell them
At all costs

Because if you don’t, they might think
Wow. This person really doesn't want to be my friend
Prove them wrong
No matter how long it's been
No matter how hard it's been

Never give up.

Soon the relationship won’t be work anymore. It will just be a relationship.
There’s always those waves, when you're riding the friend ship
Yes, it’s going to take some effort to straighten them out
Get past the storm
Until it's smooth sailing again.

But this is what it means to be a friend.


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