To be Free


Corner Bed
United States
30° 6' 33.2244" N, 92° 55' 8.3856" W

Real life, real words, real truths, mean little to you.

You hide behind your paranoa,

You want the "best" for me yet 

Your support of my dreams means nothing to you.

You ask me to subsitute what I want for myself 

Because you think my field is easy.

You know very little of me,

You even said I don't deserve your last name.

When will this life be about me?

When will these lines begin with I?

Why is it that as I try to live my life, seek my dreams, work

for my future you are put before that?

A parent loves, encourages, understands, grows

with their children. 

They don't punish with silence and harsh stares,

false conversation in public, and happy smiles for a camera.

I will start to live for myself. 

I will start to rise above the negativity that your house surrounds.

I will know what is best for myself.

And most importantly I will not let you

Slam me down.

I will be free to think for myself, to love who I want, to study what makes me happy, and go

where I think is best. 

I will take time to recognize my achievments and success.

And I will not be alone. 

I will be free. 

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